All Things Clarinet


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*Equipment needed:

Folding Music Stand

Swab for cleaning out instrument, daily.

3 working reeds in your case at all times. *See below.

Neck strap. Optional, but highly recommended

Optional equipment

Small jewelers screwdriver

Key oil

*Links provided are for example. Most items can be purchased at local music stores.

About reeds

Reeds are necessary to play your clarinet. Reeds are made from cane and are very thin. Because they are so thin, they can easily break. It is important to take very good care of your reed by keeping it in its storage case when not in use. Never leave the reed on the mouthpiece when putting the clarinet away (think germs).

Reeds can be purchased individually, in packs of three, or boxes of 10. I recommend purchasing a box of 10, so you always have plenty of reeds. Reeds also come in different strengths. I recommend a strength of 2 or 2-1/2 for young players. As you get better (middle school and high school), you can increase the strength of the reed. You can purchase reeds at local music stores or online here.


Intro To Clarinet

How to open the case and learn the parts

How to assemble mouthpiece, barrel, & reed

How to make a sound

Putting the instrument together

Holding The clarinet

First Three Notes

Five Note Scale